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Are you missing out on foreplay with Kamagra

Tuesday, 6 June 2017 07:10 by Suleman

If you've taken Kamagra before then you'll know it takes around 30 minutes to kick-in. What do you do during that time?

If the answer isn't foreplay, then you are missing out. You've got half-an-hour before your erection is improved by Kamagra so why not build the excitement and pleasure.

Start with a little kissing and if you feel comfortable, tell your partner what you're going to do to them and what you want them to do to you. While you're doing this, kiss them, look in their eyes and run your fingers over their body. Slowly remove each other's clothing while continuing to caress as you do so. The anticipation of sex alone will heighten the pleasure so don't rush this stage.

Carry on kissing. Women are usually bigger fans of this than men, but time spent on her pleasure now will benefit you both later. It tells her you think she's sexy, that she's desirable. This is empowering for women and a confident woman will relax and enjoy sex more. She's also more likely to want to try those things that you want to try or suggest things that she wants to try with you. It can bring new life to the bedroom for both of you. Whisper things into her ear. Tell her she looks good, tell her you like the way her body feels, tell her she's sexy.

Foreplay can be a battle of anticipation and desire. Hold back as long as you can. Don't give into the desire too quickly and the sex that follows will be amazing for both of you.

So now the medication is kicking in and you're ready to move things on. Great because by now she wants it as much as you. Plus, you have the added confidence that taking Kamagra gives you. You know you can rely on your erection to last. It's the confidence that you'll both have a smile on your face when you've finished.

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