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Vacation Sex

Friday, 5 December 2014 08:37 by Leo March

Why it’s monumental: First, you’re free from all the things that stress you out—the job, the bills, another late-season Red Sox fold. But the second reason Aruba sex is hotter than subdivision sex is the change in scenery. “There’s a marking-the-territory factor for most men and women. “Sex on vacation is a virginal experience in a way.”

Have it tonight: 
From the simple to the extravagant, you can take a vacation day any day. Turn upside down on the bed—feet at the pillow end. “Even doing something simple like hitting the bed at a different angle or sitting or standing up on the bed will add extra stimulation.

Try these tricks: 
Change the order of foreplay. “Remove the dip test from your repertoire. “Any woman hates the kiss, kiss, kiss, tweak, tweak, tweak the nipple, dip, dip, dip to see if she’s lubricated. That’s a major turnoff.” Instead, try kissing her neck, her inner thigh, then her pinkie finger or wherever else. Move up and down her body so she doesn’t know where you’re going next.

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