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The Effects of ED On Relationships

Wednesday, 4 June 2014 10:43 by Maria

An intimate relationship between two people is very personal and private. When a man has ED, it may affect and/or change his relationship with himself and his partner(s). The man may be embarrassed and even feel guilty, making it difficult to talk to his partner about this issue. ED has a direct impact on how it affects a man's life and marriage. It is suggested that ED is involved in one in five failed marriages.

A common issue among couples dealing with ED starts with failures of sexual advances. This can have an effect on issues of trust, intimacy, and closeness. The man withdraws emotionally and physically because of fear of failure. The partner starts to believe that the man is losing interest in her, thereby impacting self-esteem and feelings of attractiveness. In reality, the man is not losing interest but may be manifesting signs of frustration and humiliation of not being able to complete the sex act. Many men think it is inappropriate to need nurturance, admit that he needs a hug, or seek affection. So, they frequently do without the comfort and emotional support often more available for women. When a man cannot perform intercourse and satisfy his own and his partner's sexual needs, he can feel devastated and very much alone. From this cascade of events, the couple starts to alienate themselves emotionally and physically.

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