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How much Kamagra should I take?

Wednesday, 1 September 2010 08:18 by Suleman

If you have recently bought Kamagra or are thinking about buying Kamagra one of the questions you might ask beforehand is "how much Kamagra should I take?" The short answer would be to consult your Doctor or Pharmacist.  However, if you're buying Kamagra online, then this may not an option, which is why we provide this resource.

In general Kamagra comes in doses of 25mg, 50mg and 100mg.  Why do the medication companies supply different size doses?  The simple answer is that medication works differently for everybody because of variations in tissue density, metabolic rates, blood-flow etc - the list of variations is a long one.

The rule of thumb is to take a 50mg dosage the first time and see what effect this has not just in the first hour or two but also over the next 24hrs.  It is important to note any symptoms induced by taking Kamagra or in fact any medication.  Once you have tried the 50mg dosage, you can decide whether to increase or decrease the dosage for your needs.

If you are buying 100mg tablets then you can use a pill cutter to cut the tablet in half.  This is a tried and tested method of halfing your dosage.  The vast majority of subjects take 100mg of Kamagra but again, this is not right for everybody.

Recommendations are: not to take more than one dose/tablet in a 24hr period.

You should also remember when considering the effect of the Sildenafil medication that you will only benefit from an erection where sexual stimulation takes place.

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