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Reasons your Credit Card may fail

Friday, 13 August 2010 06:23 by Suleman

Sometimes when buying things on the internet the Credit Card transaction may fail. This can happen for a number of reasons, as listed below:

Insufficient Funds

One of the problems with using a Credit Card alot is you can’t always keep track of what you’re purchasing, and sometimes you may reach your limit without knowing about it. If this happens to you the best thing to do is call your Credit Card provider and ask for a balance. If you have a good credit history with them you may be able to increase your limit.

Wrong Information

One of the reasons a transaction can fail is the information typed in is incorrect. You may have typed in the wrong card number, expiry date, and/or security code. The name on the card and the address the card is registered to also needs to be correct and verified.

Communication Error

A Communication Error may occur at the time of the transaction which means the Credit Card system has failed to contact your bank and get a suitable response. If a communication error occurs when you're trying to buy something, be assured that no money will be taken from your account, and you will be able to try the transaction again. If the problem happens again it’s advised you call your Credit Card provider and ask if there’s a problem with your Credit Card.

Blocked from certain Transactions

Some Credit Cards are blocked from processing transactions in certain countries or of a certain type. For your information, the Credit Card transacations processed at Exact Pharma are processed in Mauritius. You may be able to call your bank and have the block removed.

If you are unsure why your card failed you should contact your Credit Card provider and they should be able to tell you if there’s a problem.

You can use your Credit Card to buy Kamagra at Exact Pharma.

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